Boat Accessories

  • Outboard trolleys
  • Life Jackets
  • Boat Seats
  • Boat Hooks and Anchors
  • Oars & Oar locks
  • Bilge Pumps:  Manual/automatic
  • Bungs and Bailers
  • Mooring Chain and Rope
  • Boat Paint/varnish/woodstain
  • Glassfibre repair kits
  • Ring Bolts, Cleats, fenders etc
  • Rod holders (Trolling and fly rod)
  • Toal pins, oar locks, fish measures
  • Magnetic Tail Lights
  • Trailer Straps & Hitch locks
  • Copper Nails
  • Stainless Steel Screws

John Burke
Our boats are built by long established boat builders J.Burke & Sons. From sons to grandsons, all have contributed to making the Burke Boats for over 120 years. Pat Burke started designing and building boats at his island home on Lough Mask in 1879. As a fisherman,  More...